Since the update Outlook 365 2009 13231.20262 - HTML lists in mails are alwas indented even if CSS says Padding:0; margin: on ul and ul li

Since the latest Outlook 365 update list styles like

ul li { padding: 0; margin:0; }

are not aprsed anymore. The list in emails are always indented.
Any workaround on this? I don’t want avoid this behavior with hacks like minus values in the css.

Anyone else experience this issues?

I am experiencing this now and its driving me nuts, I can’t figure this out and I have a email I need to get out on Tuesday next week.

Bigger prob is that in Outlook Android the list is outdented so it breaks out to the left side of the viewport of the message.
In web outlook there are no bullets and the list is outdented too far also.

I don’t know what MS has changed but this is absolutly bad.

Hi all, did anyone find a solution or work-around to this issue?

Any help would be appreciated.