Silent contributors?

Ive created repo some time ago. In the Contributors (on the right handside of files list ), in the Insights > Contributors I can see unknown nicknames.

More: Insights > Contributors states wrong repo creation date ( supposedly Nov, 25, 2012 ).

Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-28 o 12.43.53

In the commit history, I can see no commits made by other people than myself.

Whats going on here?

Going far enough back in the commit history I can see the commits by these people:

They look like they’re from this repository: GitHub - php-fig/log

For example this commit:

Have you perhaps rebased onto that repository and then force pushed?

@domdfcoding No, I have not force-pushed nor rebase.
Also today, I created react-based webapp.

In PhpStorm; Git > GitHub > Share project on GitHub; and project files were uploaded.

But, file listings ( local vs. GH ) vary. There are files ( and dirs; on GH ) that belongs to other projects of mine.