Signing key with TortoiseGit and GitHub

When I commit/push to my projects using TortoiseGit and my GitHub credentials, the commits are not attributed to my GitHub profile. I guess this is because I have not set up a signing key with TortoiseGit? (I assumed that my GitHub username and password would suffice to identify me but apparently this ist not the case…)

So I wanted to set up a key but I got confused.

Under TortoiseGit you can setup a Putty Key (.ppk) for each repository:

But when I create a keypair with puttygen.exe,

the public key starts with

Comment: “rsa-key-20180719”

and github will not accept this when I try to add a new SSH key:

On the other hand, when I generate a key pair as described on the GitHub Page with

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "_your\_email@example.com_"

I get a key pair, whose public key is accepted by GitHub, but the private key is not a .pkk file,

so I guess it would not be accepted by TortoiseGit as a “Putty Key” (did not try)?

How is this done the right way?


A signing key won’t help associate commits with your GitHub account. What you need to do is set your user name and email address, and the email address must match one of the email addresses that you have configured for your GitHub account. See the GitHub help documentation and the Support Protips article Why is my commit associated with the wrong person? for further information.

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I had this same problem with the SSH keys. The original post is asking about commit attribution and the solution posted seems to address that.

However, I’d like to know if there is a solution to the SSH key problem itself. Is there a way to use SSH with TortoiseGIT and GitHub without having these key conflicts?

Thanks much for any advice anyone has!

Related question when trying to push to Github with TortioseGit. I have copied my public SSH into my Github account. And within TortioseGit I point to my SSH key. However, what is the Github URL supposed to be??? Please provide an example.

This doesn’t work…


The scheme is You can just click on the green “Code” button on your repository page and select “SSH” in the popup to get the exact URL.