Showing workflow results

Hi, I’m a little confused how to show results in the UI of the workflow.

Say for example I have a workflow

And I want to finally print a URL, say:

Where do output that URL? Into “annotations”? Or is there some better place? Currently it’s buried several clicks down in the logs.

You can add a status badge:

Interestingly though your workflow seems to have been successful it is showing errors in the lighthouse step (assert and upload).

Lighthouse workflow is not managed by me and it’s pretty complex.

Your suggest IIUC of a status badge doesn’t help me does it? I want to be able to quickly click a link to a report!

Well assuming you can programmatically get (or build) the result link you can add/update wherever the badge is shown.

You could also have the workflow comment (the link) in a issue.

Do you have an example badge that links off site to a report?

But if you just do a commit, how would there be necessarily a related issue?


There are some actions for Lighthouse published on the GitHub Marketplace, see here.
Maybe you can try them in your workflow.