showing ASP.NET Application (.Net Framework) project with only html & css files. on Github Pages

Hey there,

I tried to upload a solution which I created on VS. 

When I created the solution I chose type: ASP.NET Application (.Net Framework) 

But what I made was a simple demo html + css website.

When I run it on VS it goes up.

When I uploaded it to git. And tried watching it on git pages It gaves me error


The rapository :

How can I fix that? 

Thank you ! 

Using your Visual Studio project organization is probably preventing your web page from appearing.

Namely, the index.html file must be at the root of the repository for the web site to work.

Your choices are:

  1. Take all the contents of your gross-family folder and move it to the root

  2. Copy or move your index.html file from the gross-family folder to the root, and edit it to modify any links to point to the gross-family folder.

You probably want to change your Visual Studio project organization to match.

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