"Show file location in Explorer" - additional feature request for Github Desktop

Currently, in the Github Desktop I’m using (1.0.11), you can quickly jump to a repository. This is great, but I’d love to be able to jump directly to a file’s location.

The reason is, I often am looking at a file in the commit history, and I want to quickly navigate directly to that file (to begin working on it again, or view the entire thing in my editor of choice). Currently, I must mannually navigate from the home directory of the repository to where that file is. It’s not that big of an issue with small repos, but sometimes a file can be located deep within lots of folders, and I have to remember exaclty where it is. In some of my repos, it can be like 5 or 10 folder deep.

Where can I submit this feature request? I wasn’t sure if “Issues” was the best place…


Let me know and thanks!


Whoops. I just read that issues is the proper place to submit feature requests. Just did that here:


Please close this out if you can… not sure I have the power.

Thanks very much for the information and opening the issue :+1:

Closing per request.