Show file history for renamed files


I was wondering if it was possible to display the file history for renamed/moved files from before the rename?

This is for<org>/<repo>/commits/master/<file>.

A git log --follow filename.txt does show me that full history, so it does still exist.


Hey there @niklasr,

Right now this isn’t possible, but GitHub staff are always on the lookout through the GitHub Community, passing on ideas like your own. You can also make sure that it reaches the folks at GitHub by sending them a message :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need a hand with anything else! 



Refactoring and re-organizing code is a common practice, especially in long-term projects as more information becomes available and new features are needed.  Those assessing a repo in Github alone, do not see the evolution of file and folders via the History feature, as it currently is.

Seems like a fairly simple one – Have a button on the History page “Follow Renaming” which executes git log --follow for the respective file.


@timrossback Are you a community manager here?

I’m not sure the feedback has been heard (maybe because a lot of people gave up and moved on, or are not aware of this official community).

There has been a lot of people requesting this feature over here though

@charrondev Hahaha, nah, I’m not a Community Manager. I am more-or-less involved in the Community from backstage/in contact with GitHub Staff though.

Although I’m not sure if a CM has seen this thread in passing, I’ll make sure that they’re aware of this thread :slight_smile: Since that repository isn’t official though, it isn’t necessarily a great indicator of how much support for this has actually been presented to GitHubbers.

@charrondev Thanks for reaching out.

If you want to be certain that this input has been received by our product team, you can submit it through the official product feedback form. I hope that helps!

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+1 This is indeed a much needed feature


this would be extremely useful

The fact that this function doesn’t exist on GitHub is a joke.

P.S : Same problem for moved files.