Show available shortcuts for all commands

It’s nice to see shortcuts like / in the command palette so people know they can also use those shortcuts without the extra Ctrl+K, but I don’t see those for “Jump to” commands like Code or Issues, which can use gc and gi respectively. It would be great if all shortcuts were shown to educate users there’s a shorter way, with Ctrl+K always being there in case they forget.


Thanks for sharing the feedback @heaths! In the command palette / initiates file search mode, while outside of the command palette it opens and focuses the traditional search field. But here are a couple things that come to mind in response to your feedback that might be helpful:

  • If you’re looking for keyboard shortcut reminders within the command palette shortcut (i.e. showing “gc” next to the Code result in the command palette, we actually did do this during alpha testing but got the feedback that it was confusing to show shortcuts in the command palette when they weren’t actually actionable in that context.
  • If you’re looking for a reminder on keyboard shortcuts, you can hit the ? when the command palette isn’t open to see a list of all available keyboard shortcuts.
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