Show all or search issue comments?

Much of my Github usage lately is keeping up with the status of different games running in Valve’s Proton (modified WINE to run Windows games on Linux). Valve (probably quite sensibly) want to limit each game to 1 issue regardless of how many actual issues there are, which is resulting in VERY long threads such as this one:

Due to the length, they all end up with “123 hidden items… Load more…” in the middle of them, which means a simple CTRL-F doesn’t work to find anything that’s been hidden, and “load more” only loads a small selection of what’s hidden.

Is there any (easy) way to get all of those comments to show up so I can just do CTRL+F and find what I need? Or even a “search this issue” type function I’m missing somewhere?

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Made this account to ask the same thing. I often follow issues that have hundreds of comments, and sometimes I need to find something that was discussed months or years ago in the middle of the thread. My only solution has been to click load, wait, find where the load link moved to, click it again, wait… There really should be a way to load the whole thing at once, or at least a “find in thread” feature that jumps to comments with the keywords you’re looking for…