Should I continue reading a book that I don't understand?

Hi. I’m a spanish guy that don’t speak a full dotted English. I’m interesting for learning C lenguaje. I have done some online courses but before I start in the C++ camp, I’m trying to read some books about C. I have started with Modern C, a free book that i found in the GitHub book’s list. Although I have learnt the basics of C (I know basics about I/O libraries and things like FILE * in haha) I don’t understand much about the book. I had seen that it is a book for begginers, but for me is very hard to read a single page. First because of the English (that is not a big problem because I only don’t understand a few words that I can quickly search on Google) and second because of the difficulty for me. Should I forgett the Modern C book and try to read another book? I mean, another book might be more easy and after have read that book  I will might read Modern C. I’m 17 years old and obviusly, I’m not in the university. I know PHP, SQL, JS, (html and css) but I want to learn C and C++. I would preffer to learn from books in English because most of the deep things on this world are wrotten in English. Thanks for the readding and sorry for my bad English. :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry I don’t really have guidance about this specific language beyond a book recommendation,  if you have access to a public library check out:

The C Programming Language. 2nd Edition (El lenjuage de programación C)
Book by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie

You might consider supplementing your reading with material in Spanish. Finding C/C++ info in Spanish is difficult but not impossible

You don’t mention your budget, but courses have been auto-translated to Spanish. has some courses in Spanish but not sure about C/C++.

With another set of material in your “first language” you can learn both the programming material, and hopefully help your English understanding by comparing the two.

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Hi, if you don’t try to do something, then nothing will work out…