Shortcuts -eg can we replace the usual http:// ..URL prefix? using less characters

is there any shortcut to replace the usual prefix above, eg HTTP:// or whatever URL
…using less characters! yet still seeing the website preview
i discovered that using only :  as in,  replaces the prefix, but loses preview :frowning: when typing in forums
(because i post loads of links on on Twitter & other forums)

Do any of the available URL shorteners do the trick?

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Hi There,
There are many different websites which allows you to shorten your url for many different purposes.

Bitly is best right now. However, you can have a look here to get a complete list of world’s best url Shorteners.
<A href=“” target="_self" rel=“dofollow noopener noreferrer”> Best URL shorteners</A>

Aside from that, I do believe Twitter displays long URLs like as https://myweb…age/ to make it a bit shorter.

But for the rest I indeed would just use a URL shortener.