Shortcut to clear search bar

Thanks for creating the Command Palette! Just from using it the last few hours, it’s already a timesaver.

Would it be possible to add a shortcut to clear the search bar? Having to press backspace multiple times just to switch the repository can get annoying pretty fast. What about cmd + backspace ? This is already the default basically everywhere. Also the first thing I tried only to be disappointed that it didn’t work.


Thanks for posting your feedback @cdce8p! This has come up quite a bit today so we’ll definitely be looking at ways that we can improve this micro-interaction

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I think a double invocation of the main shortcut could be even more convenient to switch into the global context from the start, e.g.:

Ctrl+k - search inside repo
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+k - search globally

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Hi @karolpiczak - thanks for sharing the suggestion, I’ll share this with the team to consider!

Not intuitive for me, but not a bad idea with hinting text below the box.