Shortcut on Android TV

Hello, I come to you for help I am French I use a desolate translator if it is poorly translated :slight_smile:

I am using the Magisk Manager application

on my Nvidia shield tv 2017 which is rooted and I would like to create a shortcut for not having to go all the time in the menus

So I created a shortcut myself with the software Apk Icon Editor

attached modified apk file

what gives that

here is the shortcut photo

but I have to do the same manipe every time there is an update I then asked the author of the application but he does not have Android Tv so he does not know how to do

I am not a developer if someone can help me put this shortcut for Android TV I would be very grateful

Have a good day

Up please 

Thanks You

Nobody to help me?

Nobody can help me :frowning: