sharing pull request template across multiples repos

I oversee dozen or so repositories as code owner. I would like to have all the repos use exact same pull request template. I do not wish to maintain a copy of this pr template in each repo. I would like to have the pr template in its own repo and then somehow link/re-purpose this into all repos. 

I understand following feature solves this problem elegently starting 2.17. But I’m on 2.16 and cannot go 2.17 just yet.

I have tried linking the main repo using git submodule but it did not pick up the pr template.

Do you have any suggestions/tips for make it work?


Hi @etondoze,

Thanks for being here! The only other way to share pull request templates across repositories is doing it manually or writing a script/bot for it. Here linked is a sample of one created by one of our users:

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