"Sexually obscene content"-- what does it mean?


I am seeking clarification on the GitHub Community Guidelines as they are interpreted and implemented, specifically this item:

Sexually obscene content  - Don’t post content that is pornographic. This does not mean that all nudity, or all code and content related to sexuality, is prohibited. We recognize that sexuality is a part of life and non-pornographic sexual content may be a part of your project, or may be presented for educational or artistic purposes. We do not allow obscene sexual content or content that may involve the exploitation or sexualization of minors.

I am working on a website whose aim is to educate within segments of the LGBTTQIA+ community about sexual practices. This entails detailed descriptions and dicussions of bodies and how they interact with each other. Descriptions use clinical language as well as slang and other common vocab. 

95% of the content is text though there are images, and links to videos on sites like pornhub. I am aiming for adult content and am not interested in minors although the implementation of phrases like " may involve the exploitation or sexualization of minors" has led to all manner of crazy shenanigans elsewhere. 

This is a strictly money losing venture and there is no commercial aspect now or planned. I intend to put everything under a CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Can provide more info but I didn’t want to make this too long. 

Any thoughts on this are welcome, regarding GitHub or if you have any other ideas about other collaboarative software that could be used or other riffing. Currently I’m hosting WordPress but I want to evaluate alternatives before going live. PM me if you would prefer. 

thank you!