Setup Repo on a Locked-down Win10 Machine

I have a corporate computer (Win10) which I cannot install software. I want to set up a git repo on this machine. How might I do this?

If I clone a repo from macOS to a USB thumbdrive, can I read it on the Win machine? Can I update files on the USB drive without having git installed?

What are the considerations?

Assuming the filesystem on the stick is one Windows can handle, yes. You could then commit the changes (if you want) after moving the stick back to a machine with Git installed. :slightly_smiling_face:

You might want to watch out for messing up line endings in text files: Windows software commonly writes CRLF (\r\n) line endings instead of LF (\n) like other systems do. You could configure your Git repository to fix those that automatically if you want.

Of course all that assumes the Windows machine isn’t locked down so much you can’t mount a USB stick.

Thank you so much. This is wonderful information. Being able to edit the files in Win10 then commit from macOS is great news. All the files originate on Win10 machines, so this sounds like a great solution.

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