Settings tab disappearing on repo

I am an admin of an organization with over 30 students and we’re running into an issue where some students’ “settings” tab is disappearing on their repo. I can see/access the tab from both my personal account and the organization’s view, and can generate an active site link. No organization settings have been changed recently, and I tried googling the issue to no avail. 
Any suggestions? 

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In Github Classroom the “Give students admin access to their repository” is selected but does not seem to be honored once the repository is cloned, even though it has worked fine in the past:

Screenshot 2018-02-20 13.03.42.png

It seems that this may be related to an issue between the Github Classroom application and a breaking change to the Github API:

The fix for us until this is resolved is to manually re-assign each student as an admin on their repository.

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