Setting up GitHub Teams for Organization


We have signed up for the GitHub Teams plan for my organization. The IT Director has signed up for 6 licenses and we need to know how to set up the organization and assign all these licenses to the 5 users that we want to start using GitHub. The IT Director is not able to invite me (though I have my own account created on GitHub) neither I am able to find out him and get myself assigned under my org. Can someone help me with the basic setup of GitHub? Appreciate if any articles/links/videos that would help other users in the organization on how to start using GitHub.

Thanks for the support.


:wave: Welcome!

We have a help document here that you can send to your IT Director to help them invite members to your GitHub organisation.

If they are still having trouble, they may need to open a ticket as we would need a lot more information than we have right now to know why they are having trouble.

Thanks for the article. Let me pass it on to the IT Director. Will keep you posted. Is there anything specific steps he needs to follow while setting up the organization?

If he purchased Team, he would already have had to create the organisation in order to pay for it.

If he has purchased an Enterprise subscription, that changes everything, and if he is struggling, he should definitely reach out to support.