Setting up Atom

I got Atom and I want to know how to set it up to be able to code in a languge called Robot C. Also I want to know how to submit changes made on Atom to the online copy of the project (I think this is called pushing).  

Hi @goalbike I would recommend checking out our Atom Community here. The moderators and community members over there are more focused on Atom-specific questions and might be more readily able to get you the answers you’re looking for.

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You can install a package for syntax hightlinghting.

Go to “File > Settings > Install” and search “robotc”. An example here.

Submitting changes

You have tools for commiting changes, pulling and pushing at “Packages > Github > Toogle Git Tab”, but I think that you have to init the repo and add the remote origin manually with the git commandline tool. For this:

  1. If not, install git tool.

  2. Place in project folder with cmd and type:

    git init

  3. Add a remote repository:

Then you can use the Git Tab.

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@goalbike The instructions that @iordic contributed should get you started.  If you’re still having trouble, I would follow @angela-crist’s suggestion and create a new topic on Atom Discuss and cc me (@wliu).