Setting to keep Pages private

Using GitHub pages for a public website, while maintaining the repo private works very well. But pages can also be very useful for internal documentation. There have many enhancements to pages recently:

  • able to use branches for pages
  • Pages under Settings/Options
  • Etc.

And there is a rich body of themes that are useful.

But, you have to have an Enterprise Cloud account. In my opinion, I think it would be more consistent only requiring a Team account to have the option to keep Pages private. Promoting projects to use Pages for internal documentation would be very beneficial.


This would be indeed extremely beneficial

Just 2 weeks ago I reached out to GitHub support regarding exactly this. We are a small company with a small engineering outfit thus the “Enterprise” account is simply too much (we easily fit within 3K action minutes/month and wouldn’t know what to do with 50K).

I was told that they wanted to provide an incentive for people to upgrade, and while I understand the motivation, I don’t understand the rationale. If you have private repos with “Team” why can’t you have associated private pages (and put a quota on it as it it done for GHActions and storage).

As a small company, GitbHub pages would be perfect to store machine generated internal documentation and just a seamless transition when moving to Enterprise once we grow. I was told that my request would be passed on to the Product Team and I do hope that the rethink this.


It should really be free for everyone, or at least make an option to keep certain files private. For example: a file containing API keys, and the main HTML files. There should be a way to make the API Key files private to everyone that isn’t GitHub Pages, so the code still works.

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