Setting request_oauth_on_install when creating an App from a manifest

Hi all,

When creating a new Github app from URL params it’s possible to set the request_oauth_on_install option to true. Documentation

But when creating a new GIthub app from a manifest this option is not working. I didn’t find in the documentation a way to set it up. When I try to create the app with the manifest and set the request_oauth_on_install option, the creation of the app is failing.

Is there a way to create an application from a manifest and having the Oauth part checked?



:wave: @pradel. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the GitHub Apps manifest flow.

Could you tell me exactly what’s happening? Does the user see the “Create a GitHub App” page, with the option to change the App’s name? Is there an error message when clicking the “Create GitHub App” button?

Would you mind pasting the JSON body of the POST request you make to in order to create the manifest?

So after some debugging, it looks like when you use request_oauth_on_install you must set callback_url along with it. As I had the url and redirect_url fields set I got confused by the error message (see screenshot) and it was not obvious to me that callback_url URL was missing :). Now that I solved the issue it looks obvious of course :grin:

Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 14.52.14