Setting container options in workflow using secrets

I am trying to run software in a Github Workflow that requires me to set the mac address to use that software’s license. I have tried to do it using secrets in the following way.

  image: nupole/diamond:latest
  options: --mac-address {{secrets.LICENSE_MAC_ADDRESS}}

I have also tried setting an environment variable that defaults for all jobs like below.


If I try to access that in the options, it doesn’t work as well.

  image: nupole/diamond:latest
  options: --mac-address $LICENSE_MAC_ADDRESS

Has anyone encountered this and have a workaround? Is there a plan to allow access to secrets at this level?

Use secrets or environment variables in container are not supported now.

Secret only available to action input and environment variable in the workflow file.

There is a previous ticket for a similar question. 

There is not a workaround already. I would encourage you submitting a feature request here . Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.