Set repo level default for "Create Draft PR"

Is it possible to set a repo to default to “Create Draft Pull Request” instead of “Create Pull Request”? I looked through the docs and the settings and couldn’t find any indication that it’s possible today.

Is this something that we can expect at some point? If not, is it possible (or even recommended?) to do this via the API and a GitHub Action on a PR being opened?

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You’re not missing anything here: It’s not possible to set a repository to default to create a draft pull request instead of a pull request.

With regard to upcoming feature updates or new GitHub products, that’s not something we can speak to here. However, the best place to submit feature requests and share more details about your use case is through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request.

If you’re looking to programmatically create draft pull requests by default, that’s possible: the endpoint for creating a pull request has a draft parameter that you can set to true.

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