Set different base branch for particular group of branches

Hi All,
I have 2 branches develop(default branch) and develop-xyz.
I want the braches that start with feature-xyz to have there base branch as develop-xyz and should be updated with develop-xyz only. Also the branches with name feature-xyz should be merged into develop-xyz only. Is there any way we can achieve this?

Hi @ketki-mujumdar and thanks for stopping by the Community.

There currently is no automated way to ensure merging happens on specific feature branches. One way you may approach this is with forks.
You can create a fork for your develop-xyz branch. This way your development is contained to the fork before it is pushed up to your default.

Perhaps you can tell us more about your reasons behind developing in this way. This may lead to other applicable solutions. As it stands, there’s no way to create automated rules for this sort of functionality.