Set default repository settings for organization

How can I ensure that new repos created within my organization have the same settings?  We want every repository to enable branch protection rules on the master branch (Require pull requests), enable issues, projects, security alerts, and so on.  Right now, whenever an admin creates a new repo, they have to remember to update the right settings.  Is there a way to set default settings for the organization?  I’ve searched the documentation and in this forum, but didn’t find anything certain.

Thank you!

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Hi renaissancegeek! :wave: Unfortunately not much of this is possible at the moment, sorry!

Issues are on by default during repository creation, but the other features you ask for can’t be set at the org level.

We not too long ago introduced the “Repository Template” feature which is perhaps a step in the right direction:

At the moment directory structure and files are included, and more recently we added branches too.

We’re iterating on this feature pretty rapidly, so perhaps you’d like to submit a feature request through our official product feedback form so that our product team know there’s a demand for branch protection rules, opt ins to security alerts, and project boards to be included as well?

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