Set custom status conclusion as workflow job result


we have workflow for releasing pushes to master, but we have it configured so the workflow fails immediatelly after the push, and we can rerun the workflow later when all other (external) checks on the master branch are passed.

This however creates “failed” icon on the master commit in the meanwhile:

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 17.59.10.png

Is it possible to “end workflow job” with custom status/conclusion like it can be done for custom check runs? We would like for example set it to status “queued” or to status “completed” with conclusion “neutral”, so it does not show the red cross.


Hi @docx , 

There is an API to update check run . This api could update the status and conclusion of a check run. But you must 

 authenticate via a GitHub App. There is document for “Authenticating with GitHub Apps”

Yep I know about that. But how do I update check run that is created by the GitHub Actions Workflow?

Yeah, you are right. We could not update check run that is created by GitHub Actions workflow. I found that the check run is assoicated to GitHub Actions App. 

The status and conclusion of this check run could not be updated . 

So I am afraid that I have to say your requirement could not be reached.