Service or tool for btach rollout version on multiple client installations


I’m the director (non-IT) for a company that develops its own CMS for a niche-industry. We basically develop the CMS on a production envrionment using GIT where all our developers are connected too.

Once a production version is ready it is still manually rolled out to a test/demo environment and after that manually rolled out to all clients which all have their own seperate installations.

Question we stand before. Is there a way (service/tool) or what is the best way to batch roll-out files and database changes to all client installations after the test/demo environment has been deemed fit? We basically stand before the same merging decisions we made from GIT to test, but now want to roll it out to all these installments.

We can make a batch file, but I was wondering if there are good tools for this that give more control/insight for professional rollouts this way. What is recommended?

Hi @nickbroekman,

I believe what you’re looking for are Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment tools. There are a number of them available on the GitHub Marketplace if you’re interested to see what has already been integrated with GitHub.

Please let me know if this is what you were looking for and if we can help you further.