Server throttling warning messages

The job is currently being throttled by the server. You may experience delays in
console line output, job status reporting, and action log uploads.

Hi, I’m using self-hosted runners and was wondering what could be causing this warning I’m seeing in my builds.


Are the number of jobs which need to run larger than the number of available self-hosted runner?  If you are using public repo, would you mind sharing the repo link here? 

@yanjingzhu Unfortunately, it’s not a public repo so I can’t share.  However, you are correct that we’ve been using it heavily recently and many jobs have been queued.

One point of interest is the duration of the delay it’s talking about.  I’ll see it say that the console output is delayed by 0.01 seconds or something similar.  I don’t know about other users, but if it’s less than 5 seconds of delay I really don’t mind and would prefer not to see this warning.

Hi @chingc , 

If your jobs produce lots of outputs in a short period of time, the throttle message may come from the live log endpoint.  I have found the same issue in our internal channel, engineering team are considering optimizing the behavior and the warning message.  

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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@yanjingzhuThanks for the update. I’m relieved to know it’s not something I’ve done incorrectly.