Server Error while github repository create

Hello Everyone,
When I create my github repository, a error server alert display.

Please help me for fixing this problems.

Hi @zakariaaitoumeriem1889 :wave:

In order for the community to best assist you, please list all of the steps you took to get to this point.

This way, we can attempt to reproduce the error.

Hi everyone,
Firstly, I had a directory with the same name which I deleted. After, I clicked on new repository. I created a new repo with the same name and when I clicked on Create repository the error message popped up.

If you did that all in rapid succession it could be that the repository still existed when you were creating the new one and it may have glitched.

I can see there is one repository on your account that did encounter something during creation - so it’s not exactly usable. Do you want me to try and delete it for you, so you can try to create it again?

Hello. You can delete it. Thank you.

I’ve started that now. Please give it an hour or so before trying to create a new one with the same name, and hopefully that will work!