Serious issue with C# softwares. Need help ASAP

Hello, I’ve been dealing with this issue for quite a while and I finally decided to post about it I couldn’t find any responses anywhere.

C# apps that I try to run just crash, Storm stops working and SNIPR gives me a blank white page, I have all the net framework versions installed and all the Microsoft visual versions installed. Even when I tried making new VPS servers they all get the same issue eventually, I have no clue what am I doing wrong. I tried on multiple and different VPS servers even when I have come to a point where I make like 3 servers per day and they all get this issue I just don’t get it. I have all the requirements installed and btw it was working well today but it just stopped again somehow like out of nowhere everything was running fine then I started having this issue all over again. I’m at my 4th server today who got the same issue.

PS. When I try running the applications from a winrar file they work perfectly but I get this error when extracted anywhere. Which is pretty weird


White blank page is SNIPR, other one is storm they’re both C# programs and they both serve the same thing (cracking accounts). I’d appreciate some help from coders as well.