Serious Help/Advice

I need serious an experienced coder/programmer with a knowledgeable insight of ethical/non-ethical codeing. I do not know where else to turn and my bank account had already been sucked dry. Not sure how many people know about and understand in here, to a crazy degree, how exhausting and draining having an extreme manipulative narcissistic partner is… but I’d accurately describes what’s happening here ‘Psychological Muder’.

I KNOW he has implemented something to have access to my devices. Im on phone #5(in 9mo), phone number #6(in 4mo), laptop #2(in 4mo), car #3(in 6mo), several new social accounts and emails, several different AntiVirus softwares, lost all my belongings and rights to my privacy & independence, as well as any friends I had of my own and my frickin’ sanity(wish I was joking, I’m now getting nose bleeds from my blood pressure going into Hypertension Crisis almost everyday).
Messages disappear, insanely slow connection speeds (esp for having Verizon 5G), and it’s almost normal on the days he is completely fine and not getting stuck in his head about random shit that isn’t happening or about shit he’s doing and has to accuse me of doing for some reason makes his conscious feel better telling himself that I am the one in fact doing all the things the HE is doing…:roll_eyes: always knows random shit, already pretty sure theirs some type of gps on my car and something that is playing with the magnetism and affects electrical components, suspicions arose when 3 vehicles all now have the same issues, almost exact (a 2003 neon, '17 Impreza, & my now '17 Sentra SR) and all very similar stereo feedback and quality issues, what seems to be ground shorts somewhere in the dash that affects lights and definitely my mpg. If I come across anything else, I’ll update.

I understand this is probably not the place for this but please, anyone that can help me even slightly get definitive proof that there IS something not right and a way to guide me into even myself getting the proof he is doing this, I have been dabbling in Termux trying to learn the way around it but somehow all attempts fail, even just trying to backtrace anything I’ve found on my devices already. Including a software “Magento 2 Productions” Verizon themselves told me they have not used in 5+ years that I found somehow gained authorized access to my Verizon Cloud a few months back without me authorizing it.
There’s no easy way for me to go about how I collected and got the screenshots I’m going to attach here, just know that at every bump I came across I spent HOURS going back to try and figure it out, find where it came from, why it’s there, if it’s supposed to be there, all ways it may have gotten there, who, why… Unless he has officially succeeded in making me absolutely bonkers and im just completely paranoid about everything now. I don’t, know, what, else, to do… I will answer your replies when I can as I stated before, I have almost no privacy… what I had to do to even get the time to write all this, is just insane.!

(“Hidden Network” is somehow always constantly showing in my ‘Available’ networks)

These next few an IT friend of mine said was odd due to the overwhelming amount of ‘Errors’ appeared in ‘Event Viewer’ program (take notice the dates)
I’m sorry there’s so much, like I said I seriously just don’t know what else to do but I need this help and/or advice if someone could be so amazingly kind to help someone who has been just getting screwed for the past 4 years straight. I’ve already lost anything I took pride in or that made me genuinely proud of myself for anything I had done, i just can’t deal with this headspace any longer and I have no way out unless I get this proof…