Separate workflow badges when using matrix testing possible?


Is using separate workflow badges when using matrix testing possible? For example, if matrix testing runs tests in two different operating-systems, can we specific a badge for each? The documentation at:

only descrives specifying a badge using workflow name, file path, branch, or event. In a e.g. a testing workflow running on multiple operating-systems, it would be useful to have separate badges as failures may only affect one of the operating-systems.




Hi @pmoura ,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for response.

Currently it’s not support to seperate workflow badge when using matrix. I will submit a query about this internally, will update once there is a response. 


Hi @weide-zhou,

Are there any updates on this? We use matrix badges with TravisCI on, which is useful to know the health of the project on each Node.js major version. Now that we are looking into moving to Actions, this might be a blocker on our migration.

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Hi @mmarchini ,

Currently it’s not supported for a per job or per matrix leg badge. Confirmed with Github, it could be supported someday but there is no specific timeframe to share yet.


Are there any news regarding seperate badges for each workflow matrix job? Would be great to have that supported so that github projects can display the build/CI status of each dedicated matrix job rather than only on the overall github workflow.

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Isn’t this possible yet?

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any update? I’d really like this feature.

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