Sending a status of "failure" doesn't seem to work.

I’m trying to set a status with the following payload:

  "target_url":"<link to build>",
  "description":"The build failed!",
  "context":"CI - Unity Cloud Build"

but the status API always responds with 

  "message":"Validation Failed",
      "message":"state is not included in the list"

I occaisionally get this response back for the success status as well, but I’m consistently receiving it when trying to set a failure status. Are the docs at not updated?

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Hi @codeimpossible,

To create a status, it requires a POST request, and for non-GET requests you should pass parameters in a JSON body, not in the URL.

Please see this documentation:

Hope this helps.

I see the same failure for a valid POST request.  Our system logs show what we sent and what we received in return:

Received 422 response from GitHub:
    "message": "Validation Failed",
    "errors": [
            "resource": "Status",
            "code": "custom",
            "field": "state",
            "message": "state is not included in the list"
    "documentation_url": ""
 in response to sending
    "state": "failed",
    "description": "Branch name is 'master' or matches regex ^ABC-[0-9]{1,4}$",
    "context": "check-branch-name",
    "target_url": ""

Sorry for the noise, disregard this, the state of failed should have been sent as failure.  API call works as expected.