Send notification from action

Is there a way to send a notification or message or something to a user from a github action? I’m using actions/github-script@v2 to perform somethings on a push. Right now if there’s an error it will go to the committer I believe - and I’d like to stop that - which I can do with a try…catch block.
However I would like it notify me in someway - is there in the catch that I can send a message or notification or anything to my github user? (Otherwise I’ll have to find an email or make a webhook or something else)

Thanks for your feedback.
If you want to notify user when adding a comment in an issue/pull request, you can use Create an issue comment endpoint with @mentions in body to trigger notifications. Such as:

    - uses: actions/github-script@v2
        github-token: ${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}}
        script: |
          github.issues.createComment({owner: 'ownerName', repo: 'repoName', issue_number: 1, body: 'This is an issue! @user'})

If you want to send email directly to a user, it seems that no Rest API can achieve this.

Thanks - I couldn’t find anything either. Settled on a webhook to a external system instead for now.