Send a private message with an mIRC bot

Hello guys, sorry for my english I’m a French Noob !

I have a rpg bot and I want use it on my twitch chat, but he got so much command and my chat will be flooded so hard.
In IRC the bot send /notice with the following code :

1st exemple :
alias verif_perso
if ($network = %serveur && !$exists( $+(rpg,$nick,.ini))) {
.notice $nick Aucun personnage connu sous le nom de $+(",$nick,") . Si tu n’as pas de perso crées en un: !create [assassin|mage|guerrier]

2nd example :
if (%pvieconso > 0) send %color1 $nick $+ %coltxt utilise %colxp %pvieconso $+ %colhp potion(s) de vie %coltxt : %colhp + $calc($hget($nick,hp) - %olhp) hp
else .notice $nick Vous n’avez pas besoin d’utiliser de potions de vie

On mIRC the bot send a /notice with message , but on twitch notice doesn’t work, and I don’t want to put only “send” and flood my chat cause I got many commands.  Which solution I got and what I have to modify on my code ? Thanks for your time !

Dude you can just pm to you10 who manages IRC do /join #you10 in irc he might be able to help you in better way