Semantic Misnomer in /search/repositories

Here is an excerpt from a search result API call,

"stargazers_count": 76801,
      "watchers_count": 76801,
      "language": "Python",
      "has_issues": true,

In all the cases I’ve observed, the stargazers_count and watchers_count are reported as the same number.

My expectation was that this would instead be the same numbers from the indivudual repo information API call, in which the watchers and stargazers counts are separated, although under a different field name:

"subscribers_count": 2465

If including both of these datapoints as the same number is a backwards compatibility feature, would it be possible to add an additional field to represent the number of watchers on the repo to the search result endpoint?

If it’s not for backwards compatibility, would it be possible to change the watchers field to represent the real number of GitHub watchers as shown on the website?


This is essentially a duplicate of a previous discussion. Please continue the discussion there. Since this is a duplicate, I’m going to close this topic.