SelfHosted Action Runner for Enterprise Level

Do we have SelfHosted Action Runner for Enterprise Level? I see Repo/Organization level in the documentation, but not Enterprise level.
Anyone tried it?


Currently, organization level is the biggest scope for self-hosted runner. An organization level self-hosted runner could be used in multiple repos in that organization.
There isn’t an Enterprise level self-hosted runner currently. I would recommend you install self-hosted runner to organization level .

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Thanks. Our Enterprise are planning to setup and we would have 100+ Organizations.
So, Setting up 100+ Action runners is a blocker for us. Do you know if GitHub is in a plan to do that in future?

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Yes, GitHub engineering team is working on Enterprise level self-hosted runner . The new feature is planning to be shipped on July 24 2020. Please keep an eye on the .

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Hey, Is this feature released? Where can I find the documentation for setting it up and using. Thanks