SelfHosted Action Runner Error

Trying to configure Self-Hosted Action Runner on Linux for a GitHub Repository where I got Admin access.
Followed the instructions at Settings> Actions

Got below error -
# Authentication
Name or service not known

Was able to download the tar.gz from internet and extract it., but not able to configure it. Did anyone faced this issue? Thanks

Which step of the runner’s installation does this error occur on?
Please check with the below step:

  1. On the same Linux machine, did you incorrectly or incompletely remove a previous runner that had the same name with the new runner you are installing? For example, force remove the runner from the repository or directly delete the runner’s installation directory from the machine. If so, you can execute the below command, then try the installation again.
systemctl stop actions.runner.<orgName>-<repoName>.<runnerName>.service
  1. Try with a new name to install the new runner.

  2. Try on another Linux machine.

Thanks Brian for looking into it.

  • It’s the First Self-Hosted Action Runner we are setting up and having issues on. I have tried to configure from Repository level and from Organization level. Both showing me the same error.

  • Tried with a new name for the runner. Same error.

  • For now to check, we got only one OnPrem server for Action Runner.


I have created an issue ticket (actions/runner#511) to help you report this to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation.

You can follow this issue ticket and add your comments on it.


Please make sure that your machine has the appropriate network access to communicate with the GitHub URLs listed below (see here).