Self Hosted VMWare Runner

Hi, I have some spare VMWare virtual machines and I want to use them as runner for GitHub Actions. Is there a way to configure the virtual machine as specified in runner virtual env?

@pablosproject ,

Each virtual environment for GitHub Actions hosted runners is a Docker image that contains many preinstalled tools, packages, and settings available for GitHub Actions to use.

All the images are public.
Theoretically, you can use the images as the base images of your customized images, and expand some configurations you require to your customized images. Then build and run the customized images on your machines (VM or local machines) that Docker has been installed.

Hi @brightran, thanks for your answer. Are the Docker images published somewhere? I searched the official virtual-environment repo without success, didn’t found any Dockerfile nor images.

@pablosproject ,

The images should be generated when calling the runners in the workflow runs or Azure pipeline runs.
You can reference to the following guide to have a try: