Self Hosted Token

Is there a way to automate the token pull for the runner?

echo ${RUNNER_NAME:-default}$'\n\n' | ./ --url ${REPO_URL} --token ${RUNNER_TOKEN}

Works, but the is interactive so this is kludgy at best.

Are there plans to make the runner name config based or flag based?

The Token seems to shift “over time” in the  UI for adding a new self hosted runner. Is there a way to automate this or generate tokens that dont expire randomly?


Currently looking for this feature also.

Hello :slight_smile:

Currently the only way to get a token is via the UI. Definitely agree we can make this easier on people who are registering a lot of runners. We’re working on adding API endpoints for this.

Tokens from the UI expire after 1 hour.


Is there a changelog I can watch for the self hosted runner package?

What about a roadmap?

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When available we will share on the change log.

I don’t have a date yet for when this will be shipped.

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what about for the runner versions?

I just found out that 2.161.0 came out which added arm32/arm64 support.

it would be nice to be able to subscribe to the agent versions

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Plan is to open source the runner, then you could subscribe to releases.

I’m not sure timeline on that (different team than I’m personally on). I’ll try to find out.

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Any updates? 2.162.0 is out and only noticeable if i go and look for it in the Settings  -> Actions menu

For anyone stumbling here: