Self-hosted runners aren't used when max allowed time is reached

We ran out of free time on our actions runs, so I found the actions beta for self-hosted runners was live - but right now I’m still getting the same error about billing status even though I’ve updated my workflows to run on self-hosted and the runner has been successfully added to the repository.

This looks like a bug where it checks the time limit first before if it checks if there are available self-hosted runners - but I’d like confirmation before I start getting crazy.

For reference, here’s the runner status:

The workflow file portion that’s pertinent:

and the error:


Hi @bubthegreat, which account is this happening under?

It’s private for artemishealth, I’m a member of the org, and I’m an admin of the repo.  

Specifically the branch that we’re setting up these builds on:

That has the three workflows that are defined with self-hosted runner - the runner is assigned to that project and still shows as idle/reachable.

Hi @bubthegreat,

I looked into it.

It looks like the organization would need to make some changes to the current billing plan in order to re-enable Actions on the account. Please have an organization owner or billing manager reach out for more details and we’ll be glad to help.