Self-hosted runner workflow error annotation (Cannot assign requested address (Bind failed))


I’m seeing this weird annotaion on the workflow file when running jobs using our self-hosted actions runner. I assume this is some weird bug with the runner? The build works fine!

Best regards

Simon, Denmark

Hey @ssboisen ,

Does that error appear anywhere in your build logs? I beileve that is a Java exception being thrown, likely due to the local machine you are running the builds on not allowing the port to be bound.

I would guess this is related to the environment configuration that your self hosted runner is running on.

It does indeed but I’m wondering why this is showing up as annotations on the workflow file?

Hey @ssboisen ,

I could provide a more complete answer if you could please link to your workflow file?

Annotations are created when the error or warnings action commands are called from the toolkit (

or if a problem matcher detects a regex that indicates an error (

These all decorate the log lines to appear Red and create annotations to make errors surface more clearly. 

With the information I have now, I’m guessing that the setup-java problem matcher is detecting a java error and creating an annotation for you. You can disable this by adding the step 

run: echo “::remove-matcher::java”

immediantly after the setup-java step. This will disable the log file coloring and annotation creation on java errors.

We are looking into ways to improve the annotation experience, particularly around what files and lines they link to if a default is not specified. You can see some of that discussion here: