Self-hosted introspection

Is it possible to do some kind of introspection of the self-hosted runners’ labels in a workflow?

For example, let’s say I have just one runner with the labels my-label-1 and my-label-2. Consider I have the workflow below, how do I get the labels assigned to the runner chosen by Github Actions?

name: Introspection workflow
on: push
        name: Get labels
        runs-on: [self-hosted, my-label-1]
            - name: What labels does this agent have?
              run: echo "I have these '${{ github.self_hosted_labels }}'"
              # should print "I have these 'self-hosted my-label-1 my-label-2'"

I could not find any environement variables in Environment variables - GitHub Docs helps me in this task.

Unfortunately there is no such information.

Context and expression syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs

actions/runner: The Runner for GitHub Actions might be the right place to ask for such features.

Thank you!