Self hosted- how do I publish artifacts from local machine to Azure

Im using self-hosted runner to build and publish .netcore project. All the steps are executing fine but when it comes to final step where I deploy the artifacts to Azure cloud, I got struck. Can you please let me what mistake Im doing.

Here is the yaml script

name: Testing

NETCORE_VERSION: “3.1.103” # dot net core version
WEBAPP_OUTPUT_PATH: ‘C:\actions-runner_work\dotnetproject\published’
WEBAPP_NAME: testazure-app

name: testing
runs-on: self-hosted
- uses: actions/checkout@master
- run: |
cd C:\actions-runner_work\dotnetproeject
dotnet restore dotnetproject.sln
dotnet build --no-restore --configuration Release
dotnet publish --no-build --configuration Release --output ${{ env.WEBAPP_OUTPUT_PATH }}

    - uses: azure/webapps-deploy@v2
        app-name: ${{ env.WEBAPP_NAME }}
        publish-profile: ${{ secrets.APP_API_PROFILE  }} 
        package: '${{ env.WEBAPP_OUTPUT_PATH }}'

This is the error message i get

Unable to resolve action azure/webapps-deploy@v2, repository not found on this server. If you want to use this action from, see the following documentation:

Thank you!

Are you doing this using, or are you using GitHub Enterprise Server? I’m thinking you are using GitHub Enterprise Server. If that is the case, then the problem is, your GHES doesn’t have that action pulled down and available, and your GHES is not configured to allow access to the internet where it could then go search for the action online in the marketplace.

thank you for the response. We are using GitHub Enterprise.

So that is going to be the problem. GHES by default only has a few Actions installed with it. If you aren’t going to use GitHub Connect to enable your GHES to also poll the marketplace, you will need to use Action Sync to pull down the actions to your GHES:

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Let me try this. Thank a lot for your help!