Self hosted Github Runner keep the tags

I am having issues with a self-hosted Github runner. For some reason, it keeps the tags created, even when I deleted the tags from the repo and locally.
It seems to be checkout@v2 doesn’t clean the tags in the runner before checkout. So, if for some reason, the job creates a tag, and I re-run the job after deleting the tag from the repo. The job fails because the tag already exists.

I can see in the checkout@v2 logs that previous commits are still there, but it will ignore them:

Checking out the ref
  /usr/bin/git checkout --progress --force -B pipeline-test refs/remotes/origin/pipeline-test
  Warning: you are leaving 2 commits behind, not connected to
  any of your branches:
    df4cf72 Bump version: 1 → 2
    0c0c630 :D
  If you want to keep them by creating a new branch, this may be a good time
  to do so with:
   git branch <new-branch-name> df4cf72
  Switched to a new branch 'pipeline-test'
  Branch 'pipeline-test' set up to track remote branch 'pipeline-test' from 'origin'.

Is there any way to clean those previous commits or tags before continuing with the steps? The checkout@v2 doc says the option clean is True by default.