Self-hosted Codespaces

I was attempting to setup a self-hosted Codespace over on Visual Studio Codespaces when I found out about the migration to GitHub, and that self-hosted Codespaces aren’t part of the migration plan.

My use cases for this were:

  • Allowing developers to quickly spawn a development environment on production hardware (on the same VM instance type, in the same datacenter) to debug complex issues that aren’t replicating on local hardware.

  • Using my desktop to host codespaces for my Surface Pro X, without incurring any additional monthly costs.

I therefore wanted to register my vote to port this feature over to GitHub Codespaces, and to see if there is interest from anyone else.

Note that I haven’t actually managed to try these scenarios yet due to an open issue with the Codespaces CLI, so I’d also welcome feedback on why my use cases wouldn’t be appropriate.


I also wanted to setup a self-hosted codespace with visual studio.

I wanted to use it as I wanted to be able to access to my projects from everywhere without additional cost or also being able to share some project with friends willing to learn code (which is somehow the same use case as the first referenced by @jamesthurley .

It was for me the opportunity to have a full sandbox/dev environnement that I would be able to access in the train.

Yet I wasn’t really able to use it that much as I encountered the same Issue.

In my opinion there is a real potential behind self-hosted for small enterprise, startup or maybe school.


I’ve been using self-hosted codespaces for a couple months now and I was really enjoying having it as part of my workflow. My company has already developed a nice dev environment for engineers to work in that is hosted and managed by us. Due to regulations, existing api integrations, and security concerns we’d be unable to host our codebases and run our necessary apps through codespaces on Github. I’d really like to have self-hosted codespaces available again soon as I’ve garnered interest at my company from pair programming with other engineers and demoing its usage. I was looking be a champion of it as the VSCode ecosystem is really developing nicely.

Consolidating to Github is cool but please reenable self-hosting and MS login for codespaces. :heart:

P.S. Live share rocks as well :grin:


Another vote for self-hosted. In addition to the cost consideration, our source control is also self-hosted and we are using old tool versions; both make cloud hosting difficult or impossible (not to mention corporate policies probably don’t allow code being present on non-company cloud servers).


Another vote here, when I started poking around codespaces recently (to quickly create a small PR), I looked more into it, I am aware of a general discomfort that people could get when a feature or software is “locked into” the cloud, and self-hosted codespaces were a perfect answer to that fear (to allow users to use their own hardware when they don’t have the money or interest to spend for cloud-hosted resources), and additionally enables personal hardware environments and/or corporate-specific environments to be available at any distance to the developer.


Yet another vote - I was happily using a self-hosted Visual Studio Codespace and I’m disappointed that this isn’t currently in the plans for the GitHub version. I was using it to keep my work in progress in a central place that I could access from a number of systems and to easily develop/debug code running on a hard-to-access system with specific hardware attached. I should be able to do all of this in different ways but the self-hosted codespace was working out really well.


Another Vote for self hosted codespaces. I am going back to live share as it stands, so i am no longer use the capabilities of codepaces vs liveshare.

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Another vote for self hosted codespaces.

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+1 for this feature. Have been using Azure Codespace via self host and moved to Github as per announcement.

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+1 for self-hosted codespaces! There are lots of use-cases where being able to securely access a custom VM using VSCode is pure gold. Please leave it as an option or as an additional remote option for vscode!


Another vote for self-hosted codespaces! We are a small company that currently does all source-control through GitLab, but we still want the ability to use our very powerful workstation as a remote host for visual studio development work. Forcing this feature into GitHub feels like a monopolistic, anti-competitive move by microsoft, and unfortunately means I will have to resort to far less elegant means of using the workstation as a remote dev machine.

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Another vote. I would like to use self hosted code spaces with remote development containers.

I sometimes work on Windows or Mac, and the docker experience has been pretty bad so far. The reliability of Docker on Linux plus the convenience of my Windows or Mac desktops would be an endgame for me.

I created an Azure account just for this and was disappointed when the codespaces CLI tool reported it could not find my subscription.

Ideally, codespace would be able to run without tying in to Azure at all. I’ve use code-server which was amazing, except I can’t use Microsoft extensions - meaning no remote containers.


Another vote for me here as well. Inasmuch GitHub Codespaces is a good migration path for everyone, I don’t think I like the idea being forced to be locked in on Azure/GitHub, even if they provide extra free hours for open source development. I’d like the idea that I can take my codespaces to wherever I go as well if the hosted solution would be only stuck in a per hour pricing.


Self-hosted codespaces are crucial for my workflow. I do mobile development heavily and use a macOS self-hosted codespace. That is the pure reason why I switched to a Mac Mini. That machine hosts my remote development workspace and I travel around with just a Chromebook.

GitHub runners do support macOS so maybe when the migration to GitHub workspaces is complete we’ll have macOS codespaces. Judging by the pricing of runners though, it’ll be quite costly. Which I don’t think many people would want.


+1 here. Self-hosted codespaces were the coolest feature of all VS Code Remote Development features.

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+1 here for self-hosted codespaces in GitHub. Deciding to drop them is a sad strategic mistake

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self-hosting is essential for us. we can’t use codespaces in the current form for most of our applications as we need to access internal resources from our dev environment.

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+1 for that feature.

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I don’t mind paying for self hosted codespaces, since there will be running costs for Github to do all the plumbing and handling network etc. But I would like these features because of the following reason, some of which already have been mentioned:

  1. Custom machines - some of our workloads require custom hardware for development (mainly GPU)
  2. Access internal resources - Most of corporates firewall policies wont allow them to be accessible via github hosted runners.
  3. Dependencies which cannot be packaged in one docker container like databases, other microservices etc.,

So would dearly like Github support self hosted codespaces (even if it is charged.)

And are there any plans of adding codespace feature for self hosted Github Enterprise ?


Codespaces is a game-changing feature. Codespaces self-hosted was doubly so. Please make plans to continue support for it.