Selection of Mars 2020 Helicopter Repos


Thanks for coming up with the cute idea of “software that flew to Mars”! I have a question regarding the selection of the qualifying repos:

This seems to only touching the one or two highest levels of direct use, which is neglecting all the work that goes into the foundations of our open source software ecosystem. It’s great you include the Linux kernel! I bet they also used some libc, cppy suggests there was C++ involved which I bet was compiled with an open source compiler and uses an open source C++ library, I guess they use an OS (even if custom) with many more integral parts than just the kernel, vue.js and bootstrap and elasticsearch have many projects that they depend on. All of that went to Mars.

I understand that you have to set the limit somewhere (they probably used open source editors, email clients, shells etc) - but I find it disappointing that another occasion was missed to put a spotlight at the massive foundation of open source, focusing on the shiny tip of the iceberg instead.

Could you be more inclusive and recognize dependencies, too?

Thanks for considering!

:wave: Welcome!

We did take into account dependencies, but there are constraints:

  1. It has to be hosted on GitHub. We can’t access/parse contributions from a library hosted on another platform.
  2. Dependencies have to be in a detectable format.
  3. We only included software for the Helicopter mission and not for Ingenuity in general. This was intentionally specific.
  4. The list of software and release versions were given to us from NASA.

If there is a specific dependency of a declared release that hasn’t been included, please let us know!

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