Select2 and FullCalendar 2 ("Is not a function")

Hello to everyone.

I´m new in the forum and this is my first post.

I´m implementing a full calendar2 and have some filters using select2. Although I have already used select 2 with no problem in my application, I can not get select 2 to work when I use the calendar.

This is what the inspect reports

There is a way to solve this? There is some alternative to this problem?

Best regards.

Have you contacted the maintainers of the libraries in question? I found the FullCalendar support page by following this process:

  1. I assumed that these were npm modules (JavaScript libraries packaged by the npm tool)
  2. Went to
  3. Clicked on the link in the right sidebar –
  4. Saw in the README a link for support –

A similar process got me to the Select2 Community page.