Seeking help in putting an Cost Estimation model online

Dear GitHub community,

I am completely new here and have no prior experience in Web Development or Software. My colleagues and I are looking to turn an Excel cost estimation model we have built into an online tool. We have no idea where to start or if this is the right forum to ask for help. Any guidance is appreciated.


It depends on how much you want to expose. If you want to keep the model hidden, you have a front end which takes user input parameters, sends them to the server where the model is executed, returning results back to the front end.

I suggest you google “web app excel server”. A few options come up, such as a converter that takes an excel spreadsheet and turns it into a web app. Or, you can use excel on the server to provide the “hidden” process I mentioned above.

thank you fire-eggs. I will try to see if I can figure that out. We really just want to upload our model in a way where someone can put in some figures and get results. We have been told the programming effort is really high so we are looking for ways to simplify the model and keep it in Excel if possible.