Seeking Help from experts

I just changed hosting from HostPapa to easywp.

now this error message is showing. I am trying to contact easywp helpline but cannot. My net connection is giving me trouble, i think that’s the issue.

I am totally noob regarding this kind of technical issues and I am a bit worried for that. The message being shown here is not that pleasant. Is it possible that my site might get hacked? or am I just worrying too much?

A photo is attached showing what appears on my website

I am freaking out, please help.

The error message says that the certificate (used for HTTPS connections, to make sure the encrypted connection is made to the right host) is not valid for your domain. Most likely your new hoster didn’t set it up right, try contacting their support.

And just in case: If they tell you to use plain-text HTTP instead of HTTPS, find another hoster.

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I was able to contact easywp at last. They solved the problem. Thanks for your prompt response. :+1: :heart:

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